Roger Moore: 'Daniel Craig Brings Killer Instinct To Bond'

'He guarantees another 50 years of Bond, but probably 100'

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Sir Roger Moore believes Daniel Craig is the best ever James Bond - even better than he was!

The world-famous actor thinks Craig brings "killer instinct" to the famous spy role, which will have fans clambering for more Bond throughout the next century. The former 007 has nothing but praise for 'Skyfall' and its leading man:

"Daniel Craig brings to Bond the killer instinct. He's quite sensational in the movie," said Sir Roger.

"I saw a screening of it a couple of weeks ago. It not only guarantees another 50 years of Bond but probably 100. It's quite extraordinary."

He admitted the movies have become more hardcore since he played Bond between 1973-85, joking that Craig's acting range is far greater than his ever was.

"I don't really see a fellow who can walk into any bar in the world and be known as James Bond, a man who likes Martinis shaken not stirred, as a real spy. Spies are anonymous people, faceless individuals who blend into the background," he said.

When he retired from the role, self-deprecating Sir Roger was asked who he thought should replace him. The star replied:

"In fact, I did make a number of suggestions to Cubby (Barbara Broccoli, Bond's producer) - always names of really bad actors so I looked good by comparison," he joked.

"In the end I was forced to abandon that idea as I couldn't find any actors worse than me."

Daniel definitely wasn't on that list, then!

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