Mary Kate Olsen Still Crazy In Love With Olivier Sarkozy

Age gap doesn't bother them

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Mary Kate Olsen raised some eyebrows when she started dating Olivier Sarkozy - but despite the 16 year age gap, they're still going strong.

Mary Kate and Olivier were spotted smooching at a New York Nicks baseball game last night. Olivier had his arms around Mary Kate, who was seen giggling as she joked around with her boyfriend.

Olivier's ex wife Charlotte branded his new relationship as "grotesque", but he looked adorable with Mary Kate, who came to the event in a casual jacket with an un made up, glowing face - a sure sign that she feels comfortable around Olivier.

Mary Kate previously told WSJ. magazine that she didn't pay attention to the speculation surrounding her relationship, saying "I find it's better to focus on what's in front of you and to leep putting one foot in front of the other."

Olivier is the half brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, husband of Carla Bruni and the former president of France. We'd love to see a fashion collaboration between Carla and Mary Kate. Think it's going to happen? Watch this space...

Her relationship might not be a car crash, but Mary Kate's been involved in the odd RTA! Check it out here:

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