McFly's Tom Fletcher Denies Giving One Direction 'S**t' Songs For 'Take Me Home' Album

Says he's never written a bad song...

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McFly's Tom Fletcher Denies Giving One Direction 'S**t' Songs For 'Take Me Home' Album

McFly's Tom Fletcher has denied that he gave One Direction "s**t" songs that weren't good enough for the band, saying he would never give another artist "second rate" tracks.

The 'Shine A Light' hitmakers penned three tracks for the boyband's new studio album Take Me Home which is released today, but they have caused a stir by claiming that they gave the One D boys their "s*****r" songs.

"We just worked on a couple of songs on their new album. They came over to do a writing session and I had a few song ideas," Tom Fletcher told The Metro.

"It's hard when you're writing for someone else. You obviously always want to do your best work, but sometimes you write and have a song idea and you're like, 'Oh, it's so good I want to keep it for us'." Tom's bandmate Danny Jones then asked him: "You sent that slightly s**tter one, didn't ya?"

McFly joked that One Direction got their "s**ttier" songs for their new album (Patrik Österberg/All Over Press Sweden/

Tom then added: "So I played them a few song ideas and they went for one of the others. I was like, yes!"

However, Tom has hit back at the interpretation of the interview and says they were only joking about giving the group badly-written songs. "So, the stuff in the press today about us giving One Direction our “s**t” songs is obviously completely false," Tom tweeted.

"What Danny said was obviously a joke. We would never, NEVER, give anyone “s**t” songs and as I clearly say in the interview."

"You obviously always want to do your best work. In fact all 3 songs I’ve written for 1D are some of my favourites I’ve EVER written and I genuinely would have kept them for mcfly but I have never, and will never give anyone second rate songs."

"How would that ever be good for me as a song writer?"

"And the most important point of all is…I’ve never written a s**t song ;)" he concluded.

One Direction are celebrating the release of their second album today which includes two songs also written by Ed Sheeran.

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