Taylor Swift: 'I Like To Wear The Trousers In My Relationships'

But that's why you keep breaking up!

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She's been ridiculed for penning invidious songs about her celebrity ex-boyfriends including John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal, but Taylor Swift reckons she like to wear the pants in any relationship despite wearing frilly dresses.

The disguised power woman, who loves to dress her waif-like frame in preppy Peter Pan collar frocks and chinos with brogues, has revealed that she likes to take full control when it comes to her romances in a series of interviews.

''There’s just something so feminine about a dress,” she told Harper’s Bazaar, in their December/January issue.

“Whether it’s a summertime dress that makes me feel carefree, an evening cocktail dress that makes me feel fancy or a vintage dress that makes me feel like a ’50s housewife — which I enjoy feeling like, for some reason — I just really like dresses,'' she added.

Taylor Swift wears Kate Spade in Paris - Splash

But if you were thinking that Taylor's pretty and innocent retro dresses were a good judge of character, then think again, as the pop country singer is a force to be reckoned with.

The 'Dear John' singer is not only her own manager, but she even takes charge of her finances, handling $57 million fortune.

"When I'm in management meetings when we're deciding my future, those decisions are left up to me," she told the magazine.

"I'm the one who has to go out and fulfill all these obligations, so I should be able to choose which ones I do or not. That's the part of my life where I feel most in control,'' she continued.

But one area in her life that Taylor likes to take full control in her relationships, and if her song titles are anything to go by, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' we already believe her.

Taylor loves dresses, and we love this one she's wearing at the MTV Awards! Splash

Swift reveals that she reckons relationships are ''the ultimate collaboration.''

''It needs to be equal. If I feel too much like I’m wearing the pants, I start to feel uncomfortable and then we break up,'' she said. So you've worn the pants in every single relationship you've had then, Taylor?

Taylor is almost as famed for her high-profile heart breaks as she is for her music, only calling it quits with Connor Kennedy just last month and before that dated serial playboy John Mayer, actor Jake Gyllenhaal and singer Joe Jonas. There, we can take a breath now...

And how could we forget the comic time when Taylor sparked up a romance with Twilight's Taylor Lautner, confusing everyone with their identical names.

It's no secret that Swift turns to her music to express her pain through relationships, but hey, she's the one laughing all the way to the bank as her new heart wrenching album, Red, sold 1.2 million copies in its first week.

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