Is Kate Middleton To Blame For Sister Pippa's Book Flop?

Did Pippa 'sacrifice' too much for the DOC?

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Is Kate Middleton To Blame For Sister Pippa's Book Flop?
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Pippa Middleton’s new book Celebrate has been a bit of an embarrassment due to its poor sales, but according to a new report, it could be her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge’s fault.

The 29-year-old put together the party book, Celebrate, to give handy tips on how to host a really good bash whatever the occasion, but it’s failed to set the world alight with its suggestions for pass the parcel, and having turkey at large gatherings (hardly original).

Now it’s emerged that Pippa chose not to promote her new book for the sake of her sister, Kate.

Pippa had wanted to promote the book across the pond, but decided to scrap this idea especially following the topless scandal this summer, according to Now magazine.

It could be that Pippa's decision to cancel any plans for a book tour in the US has been her undoing and could be the reason behind the silence on her second book.

According to the magazine source, Pippa's future book deals are in jeopardy. "Her publishers have now gone quiet on plans for a second book - and a novel," the insider said.

"What's more, NBC has reportedly stopped chasing her for a royal correspondent role."

Pippa promotes Celebrate in the UK...

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Pippa Midldeton at her book launch for 'Celebrate', October 25 (WENN)