Katie Price Reveals Agony Over Fifth Boob Job Infection

Hospitalised on three occasions...

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Katie Price Reveals Agony Over Fifth Boob Job Infection
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Katie Price was left in agony after her fifth boob job when an open wound left her with the possibility of having to take her implants out.

Glamour model Price, who had her fifth breast op in Belgium, arrived back in UK to find a weeping open wound under her left breast.

Katie was so ill and feverish that her family ended up calling an ambulance so that the mother-of-three could be rushed for emergency treatment.

Talking to The Sun, she said: “They cleaned the wound and said they hoped it would heal with antibiotics. It didn't and a surgeon told me that if the infection had spread, he would have to take my implant out.”

It was also reported that Katie was referred to cancer surgeons to scan the area and look at how they would remove the implants after the "tricky procedure".

The infection eventually died down, and she's now thrilled with the results of her surgery. "I paid the price for the op but these boobs are the best I've ever had and I'm pleased," Katie told The Sun.

She added: “I did them for myself - no one else."

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