I'm A Celebrity: The Jungle Became A Bit Too Much For Hugo Tonight

Hugo became a little overwhelmed after tonight's trial against David Haye...

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I'm A Celebrity: The Jungle Became A Bit Too Much For Hugo Tonight
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The environment of I’m A Celebrity is starting to be a bit overwhelming for Made In Chelsea star, Hugo. He once again had to face the extremely strong English boxer, David Haye in tonight’s Bushtucker Trial.

They were lucky enough to escape any creepy crawlies or rodents, instead they were faced with a test of endurance and patience. David Haye must have been ecstatic as these are his specialties, Hugo was not as happy.

The two contestants were expected to insert various jigsaw pieces into several slots up a tree. Each piece was different, meaning they had to have good judgement, as well as strength and time-keeping skills to put the correct jigsaw pieces into the correct slots. As Hugo said himself; “David was racing miles ahead”. David attempted to encourage Hugo, shouting “you wanna get a move on.” However, David once again won the trial and was the faster contestant when it came to getting to the top of the tree.

It all seemed a little too much for Hugo though, who admitted that he felt quite emotional and that even the littlest things were able to affect him in the jungle. His camp was extremely comforting to him when he returned, but he still felt a little upset after the trial between him and David.

The lack of food was probably not helping his emotions. The other team started to fantasise about food such as biscuits, chocolate and crisps. They all admitted that “something other than rice and beans would be amazing” - whatever food it may be from the outside they could get.

Now that the camps have formed into one, big camp the need for food is becoming even more of a necessity. We wonder how they will all try and share it all between them, there could be a few arguments, what do you think? Let’s hope Hugo starts to feel a bit better soon, too.

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