Which 'I'm A Celebrity' Star Labelled Hugo A 'Daddy's Boy'?

Made in Chelsea's Hugo does nothing to dispel his posh boy image...

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Which 'I'm A Celebrity' Star Labelled Hugo A 'Daddy's Boy'?
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It's all kicking off in the jungle!  Made in Chelsea's Hugo has been labelled a “Daddy’s Boy” by fellow I’m A Celebrity contestant Eric Bristow.

Yesterday we reported that Hugo was having a tough old time in the jungle after losing a series of Bushtucker Trials against boxer David Haye.

But now his time in the jungle seems to have got even worse. The Made In Chelsea star got caught up in a heated discussion about Scotland with Bristow, leading him to call Hugo a “Daddy’s boy” (behind his back, mind you!)

The camp were listening to Hugo reminiscing about a trip to Loch Ness that he took with his friends.

After gushing about how much food they ate, Hugo was asked by Colin Baker whether he had cooked for himself and his friends. Hugo nonchalantly replied: "No, we were very lucky. We hired a chef."

Later Eric Bristow took to the Bush Telegraph to vent his frustration, and amusement: "It was the way it rolled off his tongue - 'No, we had a chef'. He's in another world, isn't he? Brilliant."

Later Bristow brought it up again with Nadine Dorries and Ashley Roberts saying: "Of course he didn't pay for it. Daddy paid for it. He's daddy's boy. Daddy's got loads of money."

"They live a different lifestyle. That's the way he's been brought up. He doesn't know any better. He doesn't realise that people around him don't want to listen to all that. I had pheasant for breakfast. Who gives a s**t?"

Woah there Bristow! Pheasant for breakfast? Oh, how the other half live!

Who’s side are you on? Wouldn’t it be nice to see Hugo break a little smile for once?

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