'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Director Finished With 'Twilight' And Talks Fan Pressure

Bill Condon doesn't want to carry on...

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Rumours abound that the 'Twilight' series will continue in some form, but the director of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' won't be involved if it does.

The author of the books, Stephenie Meyer, has herself left the door open to future expansions on the story, but Bill Condon has ruled out working on any new adventures of Bella, Edward, Jacob or any of the other minor characters.

The film maker told ABC at a press conference to welcome the film: "I really enjoyed doing this but I liked the fact that I was able to bring this story to a conclusion. I don't think I'd want to start on another one."

It seems that the pressure of working on such a beloved franchise may be a part of his wanting to do something else, as he also said:  "I think there's a sense when you're working on the script...of like what they don't want to miss and what's become special favourites of theirs."

While it may be a shame for fans that Condon won't continue making any other films as it puts another obstacle in the way of making any spin-offs, it's perhaps fair enough, after all imagine worrying that doing a bad job would destroy the dreams of millions of fans across the world.

But Twi-hards shouldn't despair as the series has attracted a variety of directors over the years, even those who initially dismissed the series.

On the release of the first movie David Slade, who directed 'Eclipse', regarded by many as the high point in the Saga, said to WJFK: “‘Twilight’ drunk? No, not even drunk. ‘Twilight’ on acid? No, not even on acid? ‘Twilight’ at gun point? Just shoot me.”

Twi-hards shouldn't despair then, as directors will no doubt be queueing up to put their own spin on anything that will follow on from the current story of 'Twilight'.

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