Amanda Holden Declares Jim'll Fix It Is Her 'Dream Show'

Amanda Holden receives Twitter backlash after revealing she'd like to host a 'Fix It' show...

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Amanda Holden Declares Jim'll Fix It Is Her 'Dream Show'

Amanda Holden well and truly puts her foot in it as she declares her dream show would be just like Jim’ll Fix It.

Holden's comments come only weeks after the Savile scandal exploded, implicating the deceased TV presenter in the sexual abuse of over 300 victims.

Amanda Holden said: “If I had a dream show, I probably shouldn't even mention it in this climate, but it would be like a kind of Fix It show. A show where little children can write in. That's the kind of show.”

Holden received a Twitter backlash for her comments, @NHoppo tweeted: “Self-awareness course for Ms Holden. Quickly.” And another twitter user, @LJ_tweetz, said: “Some people have great timing...#sillylady”

The original concept for Jim’ll Fix It revolved around children’s letters answered by Savile who then made their dreams come true.

 The Britain’s Got Talent judge continued: “I like making dreams come true, which is kind of what we do on Britain's Got Talent, but I'd like to do it so people can blow up chimneys and things like they used to.”

Speaking of BGT, Amanda expressed her desire to see Simon Cowell return. Earlier this week she said: "I think Simon should come back to the UK. I just miss him. I want him to come home."

Do you think Amanda had a spectacularly bad case of foot in mouth syndrome? Or was she looking back to a more innocent time?

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