Kate Middleton 'Fears That She Will Have To Raise Her Children Alone'

The Duchess is reportedly afraid that the royal couple will live separate lives

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Kate Middleton reportedly expressed her fears that she will be left to raise babies alone if Prince William decides to continue serving in the RAF.

Kate said that she struggled during the six-weeks that her hubby was away on a Falklands tour in February, because she ‘missed him terribly.’

According to Now Online, the 30-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is afraid that, if William stays in the RAF, it will be like they are living separate lives.

A source told the magazine: “Kate understands Wills wants to serve his country but would like him by her side as well, especially when they start a family.”

“The last thing she wants is to be raising children alone,” the source said. “But if he chooses to leave the RAF and throw himself into public life, they’ll lose that last bit of normality they love.”

The Prince will have to make his career decision before March, but according to an insider, he will need to have an idea about his choice before that as the royal couple will need to fill their calendars with public engagements in advance.

“It’s likely to dominate the couple’s conversations at Christmas,” the insider told Now.

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge at St Andrews University Gala, London, Nov 8 (Splash News)