I'm A Celebrity: Helen Loses Out... To An Ostrich?

Tonight’s show saw the merging of two rival camps, two new arrivals and Helen Flanagan facing her third bush tucker trial.

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I'm A Celebrity: Helen Loses Out... To An Ostrich?
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Helen Flanagan appeared calm and collected but she became emotional before starting the trial on last night's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. She was unsure as to whether she could do it and voiced her concerns at facing the trials everyday at the hands of the public. She even considered leaving the jungle...again.

After her shaky start Helen came face to face with an ostrich as soon as she walked through the doors of Cruelty Towers. She was doing well unscrewing the light bulb to retrieve the first star but as soon as the light went out she panicked and shouted the fatal “I’m a celebrity get me out of here!”

The rest of the camp put on brave faces and comforted Helen on her return but in the bush telegraph Charlie Brooks and David Haye revealed their disappointment at the lack of meals.

The Dingo Dollar challenge fell to Charlie and Ashley Roberts. It was a treasure hunt through the jungle following directions until they found a key to unlock the dingo dollars. They successfully bought chocolate covered digestive biscuits with the dollars and boy were they happy!

The merging of the camps also seemed to work out quite nicely, with Helen and Ashley bonding over their combined cosmetic supplies. Although Hugo Taylor spilled to Helen that MP Nadine Dorries is beginning to get on his nerves. He said she’s snapped at him twice already and if she does it again it won’t be pleasant. Oo-er!

We also saw how the camp faced a collective trail yesterday called The Aussie Book of Records. They each had to beat an existing, slightly odd, world record in order to win a meal for camp. Linda Robson won most socks sorted in a minute, Hugo won putting eggs into egg cups with his feet, Brian Conley won most kisses in a minute and Colin Baker won most jokes told in a minute. Overall they won themselves six meals.

Meanwhile, newcomers Limahl and Rosemary Shrager were entering the jungle. They had to spend their first night in an isolated hut in the pitch black. However, they did have the choice to leave but it would mean forfeiting tea and biscuits for the camp. They decided they couldn’t make such a bad entrance and went ahead and attempted the challenge. But, they weren’t alone. They were joined by rats, spiders and all sorts of other creepy crawlies!

The main camp got the chance to give up the six meals they won in the world record challenge to allow the newbies to enjoy a comfortable night. But after a small amount of debate, they decided to keep their meals. Even though Limahl and Rosemary were informed of this they still went on and spent the night with the rats and bugs to win the treat for everyone.

Back to today, we saw that the public voted for both Helen and Charlie to face the next bush tucker trial, Come Dive With Me, which will see them ducking underwater and putting their head into tanks full of water creatures.

Do you think it’s time Helen got a break from the trials? Or do you think she’s going to step up to the mark now that Charlie will be there to support her?

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