Rihanna's Music Video Director Says 'Diamonds' Video Isn't Just About Chris Brown

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Rihanna's Music Video Director Says 'Diamonds' Video Isn't Just About Chris Brown
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Rihanna's longtime music video director Anthony Mandler has shot down speculation that the 'Diamonds' visuals are solely about her relationship with Chris Brown, explaining that it has a deeper meaning.

The Grammy-winning hitmaker released the visuals for her new single 'Diamonds' last week, and fans instantly speculated that the clip was inspired by her turbulent relationship with Chris. While Mandler, who has worked on 16 of RiRi's videos including 'Russian Roulette' and 'Disturbia', admits that while most of her previous videos had a direct meaning, he wanted to explore deeper emotional issues with the 'Diamonds' video.

"I know that my journey with her has always been about exploring deep emotional narratives. But [videos like] Russian Roulette, Disturbia, Man Down, Only Girl (In the World) ... most of them take on a more linear journey," Mandler told MTV News.

"With this one, I felt the need to create a wider landscape; almost hint at things, go into things, then get out of them, and not allow people to attach themselves to too much."

"They needed to feel like dream vignettes, like, when you wake up from a dream, you realise what you were dreaming about is not really what it was about, it was about something else," Mandler continued.

"This song and this album and who she is today, to me, it all feels like a new book; one book is over, and we're in a new book. And in that new book, there's the idea of 'Let's try something different."

While 'Diamonds' may not be solely about Chris, he does feature on a track on Rihanna's new album Unapolegetic, titled 'Nobodies Business,' fuelling rumours that they have been dating in secret.

Rihanna is currently in the midst of her worldwide '777' tour, which sees her travel to seven countries across seven days to promote the release of her seventh studio album.

Unapologetic is released on November 19. Watch the 'Diamonds' music video below...

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