I'm A Celebrity: Has Helen Flanagan Fooled Us All By 'Playing A Game'?

After she won her first trial last night...

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I'm A Celebrity: Has Helen Flanagan Fooled Us All By 'Playing A Game'?
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She was voted for four Bushtucker Trials and she failed all four so things weren't looking great for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant Helen Flanagan, but that all changed last night when the former Coronation Street actress won her first task collecting all 12 stars for her camp.

Whilst she and her camp mates could finally rejoice about getting some food in the camp, reports have alleged that Helen may have been playing a game to gain sympathy from her fellow campers.

A source implied to the Mirror: "We’ve been keeping a very close eye on Helen and have been quite worried about her at times, but this was such a dramatic turn-around it has got everyone wondering if she might be playing more of a game than we had previously realised.

“She may well have believed that all the nervous routines and mini-meltdowns would win favour with the public, but once that didn’t work, she has tried a different tactic and gone to the other extreme.

“She is an actress after all. Maybe she’s more talented than people realised.”

Believing that Helen could have been "faking it", another insider suggested: "I’m pretty convinced that Helen has been faking some of her hysterics – however much she denies it. It’s Gillian McKeith all over again. Helen is playing a game – she’s cleverer than anyone has given her credit for.

“She could really use this show to boost her career and everyone out here now thinks she’s got a plan in place to do exactly that and keep herself on screen for as long as possible.”

However, I'm A Celeb host Ant didn't appear to agree. Believing that "the penny finally dropped" for Helen who has "turned a corner", the presenter said: "Helen was really up for it. I think that’s because the penny has finally dropped. She finally knows that everybody is starving.

“When she left the camp for the Deadly Deliveries trial, the celebrities didn’t say, ‘You’ll be all right; it doesn’t matter what you come back with today’. I don’t think it’s all an act. I think she’s turned a corner now. She could even win. Helen is having a journey and she could turn this around in the second part of the series.”

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A rep for the show has been approached for comment.

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