Selena Gomez 'Sneaks Into Justin Bieber's Trailer' At AMAs

Couple enjoyed backstage meet up

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If Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's AMA antics are anything to go by it seems like the pair are one hundred percent back together with Selena even spotted sneaking into her boyfriend's trailer!

Selena didn't make a red carpet appearance at the awards ceremony in LA last night, with Justin taking his mum as his date instead. But despite not making a public appearance it seems Sel couldn't keep away from her on again beau for too long as Life & Style reveal that the singer was spotted hanging out in Biebs' backstage trailer.

"Selena didn't walk the carpet or arrive at the venue with Justin,” says an eyewitness, “but after the show I saw Justin's mom, Pattie, come out of his trailer. About five minutes later, Selena walked out."

"She was dressed down, wearing a gray hoodie. She had to have been in Justin’s trailer for at least an hour."

Though the young couple spent some quality time together the eyewitness reports that Selena didn't seem that happy by the reunion:

"Selena looked like she didn’t want to be bothered and went to leave while Justin followed behind her. They did not talk to each other when they all left," t

"They were completely quiet with a few bodyguards. Justin was wearing the outfit he wore during his performance, with a black hat. Selena left with Justin and his mom."

Other onlookers report that the couple were holding hands backstage though, so we're guessing things are looking up for the couple following their disastrous dinner on Friday night where Justin was spotted throwing a tantrum outside Sel's home.

Last night saw Justin heading to Selena's home once again but this time his girlfriend was more than happy to let Biebs through the front gate, with his car later spotted on the property.

Meanwhile a source close to the couple claims that Selena didn't walk the AMA red carpet because she didn't want all the attention to be on their fluctuating relationship, the insider tells

“It’s not that Selena didn’t want to come to the AMAs, she just didn’t want all the attention to be on their relationship. She wanted it to be about the music and let Justin just be there for his fans. She still loves Justin. The love is still there, they just need to disappear to an exotic island together.”  

Sounds like things are back on track!

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