Simon Cowell: One Direction Movie Will Let Fans See What Being The Boys Is Really Like

1D Svengali promises Directioners great film

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Simon Cowell has said that the new One Direction 3D movie won't just give fans the impression of being at a gig but also show Directioners what it is really like to be the boys when they head off on tour.

Simon, who signed up the boys after their success on The X Factor, says the film will also focus on the fans, who seem to provide a screaming entourage wherever Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis and Harry go.

Cowell told MTV News:"Well, I mean, for anyone who's a fan of the band you're gonna get a chance to really see what it's like preparing for one of these big concert tours, a lot of it is about the fans."

Cowell, the talent show impresario who's made millions out of hopefuls belting out dodgy covers week in week out, as well as his major success with the boy band, was upbeat about the selection of 'Super Size Me' director Morgan Spurlock for the film.

Simon said:  "He's cool, I met him. I think it's going to be amazing," adding: "He was just such a fan of doing it.

The movie is set to open in August 2013, and unsurprisingly Cowell thinks that Spurlock will make an interesting movie about his young proteges, adding: "What he gets is storytelling and he likes detail and he's fun and the band likes him. I think he's going to make an interesting movie."

One Direction are set to earn their second US number one album with new release 'Take Me Home', while fans of the band seem set to get another extra dose of the boys next year with gigs on a world tour and Spurlock's movie.

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