One Direction's Harry Styles Admits Latest Tattoo 'Doesn't Have Much Meaning, But Looks Cool'

The 1D boys took part in a Q & A session for MTV recently...

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One Direction band member Harry Styles may be known for his womanising ways, but it seems like his body art does not reflect the many ladies in his life, as band mate Louis Tomlinson has said that Styles' latest tattoo 'doesn't have much meaning'.

The curly-haired singer has been proudly showing off his latest inking, which shows two black swallows gracing his chest area and fans have been dying to know the meaning behind the tatt, but Harry's band mates have insisted that he just likes to 'look cool'.

In a recent question and answer session for MTV, fans were able to ask the band their burning questions on Twitter and Harry was quickly asked about his latest body art.

However, before he could answer, Louis jumped in and mocked the curly-haired hunk, saying: "You got it because you think they look cool. There's not that much meaning," he joked.

And that's not all the boys revealed! Liam admitted he is worried about germs and doesn't like drinking from the same container as his pals, but joked it was down to their lack of personal hygiene.

"I'm a hygiene freak. I can't share a drink with people," he said.

"I don't like any of you, and you all smell weird and you don't wash properly. So why am I going to share a drink?"

In other 1D areas, it seems that aside from getting new tattoos, Harry has also been busy going on a few cheeky dates with the one and only Taylor Swift and is even willing to 'give up his womanising ways'.

A friend of Taylor's has told The Sun: “It was a big deal her inviting him to the show with her mum on Thursday. It was her way of showing she is ready to trust him.”

Even X Factor big boss Simon Cowell has had his say on the blossoming romance, also seemingly giving the musical pair his blessing, as he talked about the couple backstage: "I wasn’t at rehearsal, but heard about it when I came down. I think they are good together.”

What do we think? Do we have a new celeb romance on our hands?

Which 1D boy has the hottest body?


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