Rihanna 'Ignores Fans On 777 Tour' And Turns Up Hour Late At Westfield, Becoming A Diva?

She doesn't speak to her entourage

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Rihanna's '777' tour is seemingly taking a shambolic turn as the singer has allegedly failed to communicate with her fans after inviting 150 guests on a seven-day 'rock 'n' roll' adventure. Diva alert!

The 25-year-old 'Diamonds' singer, who has been partaking in her '777' tour which consists of a series of intimate gigs in seven different countries which started swimmingly on Wednesday.

RiRi kindly invited a group of competition winners to Mexico with tequila and champagne for breakfast – with her entourage then travelling with her to Toronto, Berlin, Stockholm and Paris barely hearing a peep from the Bajan star, apart from on stage - hence why an Australian journalist stripped naked to get her attention.

And last night, the 'We Found Love' hitmaker upped her diva status another few notches as she kept 20,000 fans waiting at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London, to see her switch on the Christmas lights.

Diva? Rihanna snubs fans and doesn't even finish her performance at Westfield - Splash

It looked as if the singer rolled out of bed in her striped blue pyjama outfit an hour late just to sing one song, and pocket a reported £500,000.

"It’s ridiculous. I was surprised she only did one song given the fee she was paid. She didn’t even finish it,'' student Dannielle Harriette told The Sun. “Rihanna’s always late. It’s no good.”

And besides meeting Rihanna on the first day, her guests – made up of fans, competition winners and members of the media, have only seen the singer on stage. With everyone clambering to speak to her stylists, and member of her entourage to see how Rihanna is.

Sounds like the fans are getting frustrated as well, with one who didn't want to be named telling the newspaper: “We’ve spent days waiting for her on the Tarmac to get on planes or waiting in coaches for hours on end. There’s more waiting when we arrive in each city too, lugging cases off buses to hotels then straight out again.”

What do you reckon – diva or recluse?

More snaps of Rihanna turning on the Christmas lights...

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Rihanna looked a bit like a Tim Burton character in her striped androgynous ensemble when she showed up to switch on the Westfield Christmas lights! November 19 2012 (Splash News)