Not So Hot? No Doubt's New Single 'Looking Hot' Shifts Just 680 Copies Despite X Factor Performance

Comeback doesn't appear to be going so well...

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Not So Hot? No Doubt's New Single 'Looking Hot' Shifts Just 680 Copies Despite X Factor Performance
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No Doubt's new single 'Looking Hot' has reportedly only managed to shift a measley 680 copies in its first week of release, despite a performance on The X Factor this month.

The rock band reformed earlier this year after an 11-year hiatus and released promotional track 'Push and Shove' in August to positive hype. However, the second single from the album of the same name appears to have bombed with reports circulating that it has sold just shy of 700 copies.

According to, 'Looking Hot' reached number 397 in the charts and needed 1,500 more sales to enter the top 200. While the album's lead single 'Settle Down' peaked at number 85, 'Looking Hot' has sold just 1,400 units since being made available on November 9.

The band, fronted by Gwen Stefani, made an appearance on The X Factor two weeks where they performed the single, however, it appears it had little impact on the band's sales. Some have speculated that the poor sales could be down to No Doubt's controversial music video for the track, which was scrapped after complaints that it was racist.

The band, fronted by Gwen Stefani, premiered the clip for 'Looking Hot' earlier this week, in which they dress as cowboys and Indians. Stefani was seen chained up, and later dancing by a fire and in a teepee. She then escaped.

A statement on the band's official site reads: "As a multi-racial band our foundation is built upon both diversity and consideration for other cultures. Our intention with our new video was never to offend, hurt or trivialise Native American people, their culture or their history.

"Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realise now that we have offended people. This is of great concern to us and we are removing the video immediately.

"The music that inspired us when we started the band, and the community of friends, family, and fans that surrounds us was built upon respect, unity and inclusiveness. We sincerely apologise to the Native American community and anyone else offended by this video. Being hurtful to anyone is simply not who we are."

Listen to 'Looking Hot' below...

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