Alicia Keys: 'My Husband Swizz Beatz Taught Me To Enjoy Life'

The singer worked to hard before getting married

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Alicia Keys: 'My Husband Swizz Beatz Taught Me To Enjoy Life'
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Alicia Keys says her husband has taught her how to enjoy life.

The singer married producer Swizz Beatz - whose real name is Kasseem Dean - in July 2010.

And while before that she spent most of her time focussed on work, her spouse has taught her the importance of taking time to have fun and live in the moment.

She explained: "He has a carefree spirit of how to take a moment and make it really fun and special. He opened my eyes to that. It started making my life so much more fun, enjoyable.

"My husband was the first person who really said to me, 'You're not going to dinner after that big awards show? Why?' It wasn't even a part of my thinking to be like, 'Wow, this is awesome. Look what we did.'”

She went on to explain that her prior outlook on life was a lot to do with her upbringing. Alicia added: "That wasn't the culture I was brought up in. I was working really hard and I don't know if I expected anything.

"When I began to know my husband, it would be little fun things he would do for me, or his friends. I never knew how he could know so many people."

The star - who has son Egypt, two, with her husband - worked hard at learning the piano and singing lessons from a young age, and is upset with today's culture of entitlement.

She added to Stylist magazine: "That's what's wrong with the whole world . It p***es me off. "Like, if you want to learn the f***ing piano, you're going to have to practice. But that's just the nature of our culture; you want it all now."

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