Kate Middleton 'Urges Prince William To Choose Between Military Career And Starting A Family'

New report claims Kate is ready to decide on the couple's future

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Another day and another Kate Middleton baby rumour. Today a report has circulated in the US that the Duchess of Cambridge is urging Prince William to choose between his career in the Royal Air Force and starting a family.

Life & Style report that Kate is desperate to have a plan for the royal couple's future as 2012 draws to a close. They claim that insiders have told the magazine that whilst the Duchess is "keen on starting a family" she doesn't want to bring up a child whilst William is stationed 200 miles away from his wife.

“Kate wants to have a baby next year, but she doesn’t want to be left to raise their child by herself while William is away for weeks at a time,” an insider reveals in the new issue of Life & Style.

The report goes on to claim that the Prince has "until the end of the year to decide whether he will remain in the RAF or give it up to focus more on his royal duties and his family."

“Kate knows how much William loves the military. So while Kate understands that leaving the service would be a sacrifice for William, deciding to start a family is a step they both need to be present for. William doesn’t have long to decide so the pressure is really on.”

Entertainmentwise contacted Prince William and Kate's representative for a comment on this story, and whilst the press office refuse to comment on the Duke and Duchess' private lives, they did deny the claim that William only has a matter of weeks to decide on his future:

"As far as the Duke’s military role is concerned – there is no imminent deadline for the Duke to make a decision. His current tour of duty with the Search and Rescue Force is due to end mid 2013, so he will need decide on his future by then (i.e. there is no deadline by the end of this year)," Nick Loughran, Clarence House Press Officer says in a statement to us.

"His options are: to undertake another tour of duty with the RAF; apply for a position elsewhere within the Armed Forces; or leave his full time military role for other public duties. As I say, The Duke is yet to make this decision."

So looks like another royal rumour has been cleared up!

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