Bruno Mars Headed To Strip Club To Find Inspiration For 'Money Make Her Smile'

Wants to write a 'club friendly' tune

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Bruno Mars Headed To Strip Club To Find Inspiration For 'Money Make Her Smile'
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After hearing his own song in a Parisian strip club, Bruno Mars found inspiration to write a tune that would fit perfectly in that environment.

The singer has admitted that hearing 'Just The Way You Are' in the French strip club he was driven to write a more club friendly tune.

The end and the result was a collaboration with DJ Diplo called 'Money Make Her Smile,' which is all about a gold-digger.

Bruno told Rolling Stone: "That's the wild card. Diplo has all the sounds in his computer to make the club go wild. We actually wrote that to be a strip-club anthem."

"After a concert in Paris, we went to a strip club; the promoter got on the mic and said, 'We have a special guest, Bruno Mars!' - and then they played Just the Way You Are. That's the worst song to hear in that environment, so I resolved to write a good one."

DJ Diplo Added: "He wanted to have something for the club, that has some noise on it and an 'I don't give a f**k' feel. Still, he writes giant pop songs. Bruno just does things with the songwriting I could never do - I've never spent so much time working on a bridge or post-chorus, but that's what you have to do."

Ladies seem to always be at the forefront of the singers mind, as he attended the Victoria's Secret fashion show earlier this month.

Apparently, Bruno Mars didn't liaise with any models at the show but told Australian Radio Hosts Kyle and Jackie O that he hoped Justin Bieber did.

"No, I didn't hook up with any models. I didn't get a chance to see Justin Bieber, I was backstage rehearsing. I didn't see any action, I hope he did [hook up with a model] though!"

All a little awkward considering the on/off status of Justin's relationship right now, what would Selena say?

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Justin Bieber performs at the Victoria Secrets fashion show. (Dan Jackman/