Revealed! Kristen Stewart And Ben Affleck's Lunch Date

Business or pleasure? We found out

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Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart have reportedly been spending time together recently, apparently heading for a lunch date at LA's A-List Polo Lounge.

But before certain gossip mags get too excited over the prospect of history repeating itself with another married director, Entertainmentwise can reveal that the dinner was strictly business rather than pleasure.

The National Enquirer had claimed that the dinner was a special occasion and the pair had "chemistry", with a source saying:  "Ben and Kristen looked really involved in conversation and appeared to have some kind of electric chemistry from the moment they sat down,” and then adding: “The dinner lasted several hours and Ben looked totally enchanted. They were deep in conversation."

However we spoke to Mr Affleck's people, and while it seems that they shared dinner, it was nothing like the intimate occasion that the gossip site claimed, and although they refused to comment officially on the story, there were apparently six people at the dinner including agents and managers for the pair.

Mmmm doesn't sound like a romantic night to us, why then the meet-up? Well it seems that Ben is desperate to get Kristen to star in his new movie 'Focus', a tale of an older grifter (Affleck) who falls for a young woman he takes on as his protege (prospectively Stewart).

Of Stewart signing up to the project, Affleck told E!: "I’m hesitant to get into casting stuff because I don’t know what’s finished or isn’t because people come in and out of things all the time", adding of Kristen: “But she’s terrific, and hopefully it will work out."

The tabloid InTouch had tried to turn the fact that the movie includes sex scenes into an imaginary affair, but with little fact to base things on other than the fact that the two are apparently keen to make a movie together, we'll say the story here may be that it appears K-Stew and Ben teaming up in 'Focus' looks on.

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