Chris Brown and Drake 'Banned From Partying In New York By Police After Rihanna Brawl'

Nightclub fear trouble could erupt again between the two sides...

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A New York nightclub have reportedly banned Chris Brown and Drake from partying there after their entourages got into a bloody club brawl in June which saw several people injured.

The 'Turn Up The Music' singer and Young Money rapper both partied at NYC's W.i.P nightclub this summer but trouble erupted when both camps begun throwing bottles at each other, causing injuries to several innocent by-standers, including Chris Brown who was also treated at a hospital.

According to the New York Post, owners of the Greenhouse bar which is situated above W.i.P, have been warned by police not to allow the stars into the venue in a bid to avoid trouble. "We've definitely had our issues since (the) Drake and Chris Brown (incident)," Barry Mullineaux who co-owns the Greenhouse told the publication. "(Cops) are posted outside every night.

"They definitely would not want Drake or Chris Brown in the club - they've stated that."

Chris Brown has been banned from partying at the Greenhouse in New York after Drake brawl (FayesVision/

The brawl was allegedly started over Rihanna, whom both Chris and Drake have dated in the past. However, the 'Diamonds' singer recently denied that she was the reason for the scuffle saying there is no proof.

Speaking to GQ magazine, who named the 24 year-old singing sensation as they're 'Obsession of The Year' she said of the fight: "There's no proof of that being for my love. That's my answer to that question."

Drake's group was initially accused of starting the fight with Chris' friends (Judy Eddy/

But appearing to perhaps hint that their was a love triangle between herself and the two artists, she added: "You ever have b*****s fight over you?"

Chris and Drake have reportedly been hit with a $15 million (£9.38 million) lawsuit from Entertainment Enterprises, Ltd, who own W.i.P over the fight.

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