'He's The Loveliest, Sweetest Man Ever': Gary Barlow Defends X Factor's Chris Maloney

The judge is standing by his act

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'He's The Loveliest, Sweetest Man Ever': Gary Barlow Defends X Factor's Chris Maloney
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Amid the horrible tweets and various reports that have been targeted towards X Factor finalist Chris Maloney, judge Gary Barlow has insisted that his act is "the loveliest, sweetest man ever".

Speaking about Chris in a recent interview with the show's official website, Gary who has been criticised for the songs that he has been giving Chris to sing every week, said:

"Chris is doing great. Sunday nights are supposed to be full of dread but he springs in and out of my dressing room. I'm so happy to see that he's enjoying himself.

"He's had the most criticism out of everybody. I only know what I see. For me, he's really easy to work with. Whenever I'm around him, he's the loveliest, sweetest man ever."

Commending Chris on the way he has dealt with the constant negativity over his place in the competition, Gary continued:

"I think he's managed it brilliantly. If these things were being said about me, I'd be cursing and lashing out. I really admire how he's taken the negative things being said about him in his stride. I really respect that."

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As this year's show comes to an end, The Sun have reported on the news of a possible shake-up with how the results of the live shows are revealed. A source claimed to The Sun:

“If the viewers knew popular acts like Ella and James Arthur were pulling in low numbers of votes it would encourage them to pick up the phone. Revealing the voting numbers each week has really brought a new dynamic to the US show.

“Simon is looking to introduce it in the UK next year as part of a major shake-up.”

The X Factor quarter finals take place this weekend. Who do you want to see go through to the semi finals?

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