James Arthur's Sister Reveals He Had 'Low Self Esteem' Before The X Factor

Sister has opened up about James

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James Arthur's Sister Reveals He Had 'Low Self Esteem' Before The X Factor
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Having spent so much time together, it comes to no surprise that the X Factor finalists have become close, in particular James Arthur and Rylan Clark after James' sister revealed that the X Factor hopeful "loves" his relationship with the Essex native.

Speaking about James, The Mail Online has quoted James' sister Charlotte as saying: "We're glad he's got Rylan, he loves their relationship.

"I've met Rylan and he's such a nice guy, he's the nicest, funniest guy ever. Him and James get on really well and he's always making James laugh, so I'm glad James has got him in there."

Whilst James might be enjoying the female attention on the show now, Charlotte admitted that James suffered from low self esteem when it came to the way he looked.

She added: "The family can see that James is so, so happy now. He never used to think he was attractive or that he looked like a rock star.

"But now he has lots of female fans, and he has grown in confidence so much, it is lovely to see."

The 17 year-old also spoke of her shock when James ended up in the bottom two last week. She said: "We were all so shocked that both James and Ella were in the bottom two, I thought they would go straight to the finals.

"I was watching it on TV, as we are such a large family we take it turns to go and watch James in London. It was horrible not to be there for him this time. The only thing I can think is that people believe he is safe and so aren't bothering to vote.

"I spoke to James and he was gutted as he have been very close to Ella. He was gutted that she went home although really, really relieved that he got through.James gets along with the other contestants really well and that's why he gets sad when people are leaving every week."

Despite the setback last week, Charlotte insisted that James is "determined to succeed."

She continued: "James is very strong. He is more determined than ever now to succeed, he is very focused and working hard."

James will be returning to the stage tomorrow night as he fights for a place in the semi finals. Will you be watching?

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