Paul McCartney Admits There Was 'Something A Little Bit Suspect' About Jimmy Savile

Reveals he had suspicions about the disgraced DJ in the 60s...

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Paul McCartney Admits There Was 'Something A Little Bit Suspect' About Jimmy Savile

The Beatles legend Paul McCartney has admitted that he felt there was something "a little bit suspect" about Jimmy Savile, amid revelations about the disgraced DJ allegedly molesting young children.

McCartney met the late former Top Of The Pops presenter in the 1960s when The Beatles had first emerged, and the DJ travelled with the band across the country as they performed a series of Christmas shows in Liverpool and Yorkshire.

"He told us all these stories about his wartime exploits how he had been buying chewing gum and nylons and all that, and selling them," McCartney told The Independent.

"He had all sorts of stuff going on. He was the older hustler guy, and we were very amused by these stories because he was a great entertainer."

However, the singer says he felt something was odd when Savile refused to let the band into his home after spending hours together bonding after travelling in the van together.

"But we dropped him off at his place outside his house and we said, 'Can we come in for a coffee’, and he said, 'Oh no, not tonight lads’," McCartney continued.

"When he’d gone we thought, 'Why doesn’t he let us in, what is it?' Because most people would have let us in that we gave a lift to. So we always thought there was something a little bit suspect," he continued.

McCartney went on to explain how the 60s became a very sexualised period with "free love" becoming the motto for many youngsters.

"[It was] a much more open scene, and you know free love, and the pill had just come in, so it was a completely different scene," McCartney explained.

"There was a definite no-no involved in underage kids," he says, "Hey listen, we didn’t have to worry. There were plenty of over 16 year olds."

Savile has been accused of molesting hundreds of young children over a 40-year time span. Several high profile musicians have been arrested in connection to the allegations, including Gary Glitter and Freddie Star.

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