X Factor USA Stars More Starstruck By Kanye West & Bruce Jenner Than Kim Kardashian

Some had awkward encounters…

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X Factor USA Stars More Starstruck By Kanye West & Bruce Jenner Than Kim Kardashian
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There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that when Khloe Kardashian Odom signed up as co-host on The X Factor that her family would be involved, and there they were at the Thanksgiving show earlier this week, but it wasn’t Kim that was centre of attention but her step-dad Bruce Jenner and boyfriend Kanye West.

Some of the show’s contestants spoke about running into the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars, including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who were also at the live show on Wednesday night.

According to Celebuzz, Paige Thomas didn’t wait to introduce herself to Kanye.

“I met Kim. Kanye, I shook his hand and I almost passed out,” she said. “I was kind of walking on the stage and I look over and was like, ‘I’m looking at a Kardashian and it’s not Khloe. What am I looking at?’ Kim was talking to me and I was so caught up in everything and trying to figure out what was going on right now. But, she was just like, ‘You did beautifully. You did so good.’ That was so awesome.”

She then added: “Then, like, funny story with Kanye. I was like, ‘Hey,’ and waved to him. Then, I said, ‘Can I shake your hand?’ and I didn’t even wait for him to respond back. I just grabbed his hand and started shaking. He said, ‘Yeah, you did good.’ I think he was just kind of overwhelmed with the fact that I just kind of took it upon myself and not even wait for him to shake his hand.”

Olympic medallist Bruce was also a big deal on the night, as Vino Alan said: “I got to meet all of them. They all pulled me aside, including Kanye, and said, ‘You’re great.’ And Bruce was there, who’s won gold medals for us. A lot of people forget that. Call me a cornball, but I like that stuff.”

Emblem3’s Wesley Stromberg nearly got to meet the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, as Kendall and Kylie walked past.

“I saw them walk by and the two girls, Kendall and Kylie, they were like [he says in a girly voice], ‘Oohhhhhh.’ I wanted to say hi to them, but I was just pushed out the door,” he said.

Meanwhile Carly Rose Sonenclar, who was surprised by her family at the live shows, recalled how estatic she was when Kim tweeted about her.

“Kim tweeted about me! She said, ‘Wow, all I have to say is…Carly Rose. She sang the best version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!!!’ It was cool,” she said.

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