Vampire Fever Sweeping The World To Make 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Biggest 'Twilight'

Foreign fans are still singing their teeth into the Saga

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Vampire fever is sweeping the world, and it's having big consequences, as 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2' could top the other 'Twilight' movies because of foreign fans rather than US Twi-hards.

Domestically in North America the peak for ''Twilight' openings was reached with 'New Moon', whose figure of $140.7 million the new movie somewhat disappointingly failed to beat.

The franchise features Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, whose much publicised private life failed to translate into a huge opening bump for the finale of the series.

But according to, worldwide ticket sales have given Edward (Pattinson) and Bella Cullen(Stewart), a boost of roughly $200m to its $362.5m at the box-office, a trend that looks set to make it the top earning 'Twilight' film, ahead of 'Part 1' of 'Breaking Dawn'.

If you're looking for a theory as to why this as happened, well one could be that the market for 'Twilight' has long been saturated, with 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2', despite a huge buzz around the series finale, not quite capturing the zeitgeist as it did at the turn of the decade, while foreign markets may still be discovering the novels and films.

Secondly 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' has had stiff competition in the US market – with James Bond movie 'Skyfall' opening just a week before and the film facing off against Dreamworks big budget animation 'Rise of the Guardians' and Ang Lee's 3-D epic 'Life of Pi', in Thanksgiving week.

But foreign movie goers could make 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2' the biggest 'Twilight' film of all time, with Phil Contrino of telling MTVNews: "'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' 's domestic performance isn't nearly as interesting as what it's doing globally," adding: "If 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' tops 'Part 1' 's worldwide total — and it's on pace to do just that — it won't be because it performed a whole lot better domestically. It'll be because moviegoers overseas are still very excited by the franchise."

However despite the stiff competition 'Twilight' should dominate the North American Thanksgiving box-office, with a predicted $43m.

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