'This Is All Getting Too Much For You': Simon Cowell Sends X Factor USA's Beatrice Miller Home

The media mogul was given the deciding vote

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'This Is All Getting Too Much For You': Simon Cowell Sends X Factor USA's Beatrice Miller Home
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Last night saw ten X Factor USA acts become eight as a double elimination took place and as Arin Ray was handed the bad news that he had received the lowest amount of votes, Beatrice Miller was also told that her X Factor USA journey had come to an end after Simon Cowell's vote cemented her fate.

Having found herself in the bottom two alongside CeCe Frey, 13 year-old Beatrice, who appeared very emotional, took to the stage to perform her rendition of Dido's 'White Flag'.

As the young finalist ended the song nearly in tears, it was time for the judges to vote on who they wanted to see leave the competition. Co-host Mario Lopez went to Demi Lovato first who stood by her act CeCe and voted to send home Beatrice. Up next was Britney who opted to save her act Beatrice and send home CeCe.

Being the first impartial judge, L.A. Reid stated that Beatrice and CeCe shouldn't have been in the bottom two before deciding to send home Beatrice.

With two votes against Beatrice, it was down to Simon to either send her home or take the decision into deadlock.

Believing that the show has been "getting too much" for her, Simon told an upset Beatrice: "You know what, Beatrice I liked you from the beginning but I think that this is all getting too much for you.

"Beatrice I don't think this is the right time for you sweetheart - I'm going to send you home."

As Beatrice broke down in tears on CeCe's shoulder, Britney soothed: "Sweetheart you are so young, you have so far to go, this is just the beginning for you.

"The song you sang tonight was excruciating hard and you are a true star in my eyes."

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