Tyra Banks' Rumoured Boyfriend Rob Evans Turns Himself In To The Police...

Model turns himself in on felony assault charge

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It’s been a case of are they, or aren’t they a couple concerning America’s Next Top Model creator, Tyra Banks and her co- judge Rob Evans. But one thing is for sure is that he’s definitely in trouble with the cops.

The British model gave himself in to Beverly Hills Police Department on Wednesday (November 21) on a felony assault charge.

He reportedly posted a $60,000 bail fee, and was released 25 minutes later.

According to American website TMZ, the victim was attacked by Evans, a former boxer after ‘trash talking’ him.

Evans has apparently since claimed that it was merely a punch in self-defence and he wasn’t even aware there was a warrant out for him. 

The alleged incidence took place earlier this year on March 14.

Meanwhile Tyra has insisted she is not dating 24-year-old. The 38-year-old denied she was romantically involved with the Brit model on the Wendy Williams Show earlier this month, saying: “I am his boss, but not in the bedroom."

"I took Rob out to dinner when we very first started working on Top Model. They [tabloids] don’t say that my best friend with red hair was at the table with us.”  

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