Justin Bieber On His Mother's Tell-All Book: 'It Was Hard Reading Those Stories'

She talks of attempted suicide, sexual abuse and drug use in her youth

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The mother of Justin Bieber, one of the most successful solo artists in the world, has revealed that she tried to commit suicide before his birth.

The 18 year-old admits he found reading the grisly details of her tell-all biography extremely difficult.

Justin's mother Patti had previously shielded her megastar son from the problems she faced growing up, including drug abuse, sexual molestation and an attempted suicide. But now he's older, the single mother has decided he's old enough to hear about her chequered past.

The 'Baby' singer has admitted he found reading his mother’s memoirs very tough. He was shocked to discover his mother attempted suicide before becoming pregnant with him and splitting from his father Jeremy Bieber at the tender age of 18.

Despite the book's extremely personal content, the 'Boyfriend' crooner is supportive of his mother's venture, 'Nowhere But Up'. He said: "Yeah, it was a lot for me to hear. But I’m older now. When I was younger, my mum never told me any of this stuff.

It was definitely hard reading those stories, but I’m supportive of her writing the book. It’s cool."

Pattie’s mother Diane and step-father Bruce Dale have also admitted they were shocked by some of the incidents in the book as they were unaware of many of her difficulties. Bruce added:

"There are three sides to every story. There’s one side, the other side, and then there’s the truth.'"

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