Lindsay Lohan: 'I'm Very Similar To Hollywood Legend Elizabeth Taylor'

Young actress similar to screen siren

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Lindsay Lohan insists she shares a lot of similarities with late Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The star, who is currently promoting upcoming television film 'Liz & Dick', a movie about the strained relationship between Elizabeth and her husband Richard Burton, says she feels a connection with the actress who passed away last year.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “I think we have a lot of similarities, with growing up famous her whole life and living your life in the public eye.”

And her co-star Andy Hirsch, who plays Eddie Fisher in the film, agreed, saying that the two “led parallel lives at this point in Lindsay’s life to a large degree” and that “they started out so young and were really successful.The press loved, hated them or hounded them so much.”

Lindsay campaigned to play the part of Elizabeth in the film after she was initially discounted by studio bosses for the role.

And the 'Mean Girls' star hopes the film will help relaunch her career after beating her previous issues with drugs.

She said: “It’s hard, but there are certain people – I look to [Elizabeth] because she got through it.”

Here's some pictures of Lindsay on the set of 'Liz & Dick'...

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