Rihanna To Stay With Chris Brown Throughout Rest Of 'Carpe Diem' Tour?

Sources say Chris is 'mad happy' to have Rihanna by his side...

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Speculation surrounded Rihanna and Chris Brown yet again last week, when the pair were spotted partying together in Berlin on Thanksgiving (November 22), after RiRi paid Chris a visit on one of his 'Carpe Diem' tour dates and new reports state that she may even stay for the rest of the tour.

Despite insisting that they're 'just good friends', according to sources, the showbiz pair were getting rather up, close and personal backstage at the show and Rihanna is 'still by Chris' side'.

A source close to Chris tells Hollywoodlife, “[Chris] knew Rihanna was coming and he appreciates her supporting him on another level. He missed her and he needed her to come [to Berlin] and chill. They are there for one another no matter what. They hit up a club last night just to relax and s**t. [Chris] was mad happy to have Rihanna there by his side.”

Rihanna was snapped drinking with Chris last week, Nov 22 (Photo: Splash News)

Adding, “[Rihanna] was supporting him for real though, kissed him a few times and you know… she was all about making [Chris] feel good and being there for [him]. She made it all about him and took a back seat, so he could do his thing and let the fans [interact with him]. She knows he’s on tour and the club was packed for him, so she was cool with it"

The source continued, “[Rihanna is loving] the tour — she thinks he’s performing well and she’s showing [Chris] much love. They left together after the club and you know what went down after that. [Rihanna] is still here with Chris — they’re both enjoying their time together.”

What do we think? Are Rihanna and Chris REALLY just close friends?

Rihanna & Chris Brown get close at Berlin nightclub...

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