Mila Kunis 'Is Not Converting To Kabbalah Despite Attending Service With Ashton Kutcher'

The 'Black Swan' star only went along to support her 'boyfriend'

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Mila Kunis 'Is Not Converting To Kabbalah Despite Attending Service With Ashton Kutcher'
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Insiders close to Mila Kunis have reportedly denied that the petite actress has taken up the religion Kabbalah after she was spotted accompanying her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher to a service in New York.

The 'Black Swan' beauty was seen entering the Kabbalah Centre with her Two And A Half Men beau in September to attend a Rosh Hashanah holiday service in the Big Apple, according to a new report.

A source close to the couple, who are yet to acknowledge their relationship publicly, confirmed to Bang Showbiz that while Mila supported her boyfriend to the ceremony, she hasn't adopted Kabbalah practises.

"Ashton is very serious about practicing Kosher. His team call ahead wherever he goes to make sure he won't have a problem because there are also a number of foods he won't eat," said the source.

Adding: "So far Mila hasn't followed suit and has never made any dietary requests like Ashton."

According to an eyewitness, Ashton and Mila were separated once inside the centre, but that didn't stop the 34-year-old reassuring his girlfriend with constant smiles.

The insider said: ''The men and women were separated (during the service), but Ashton always smiled at her. They were clapping and praying. She was taking it all in.''

It seems that being apart from each other, even for a short period, was unbearable for the pair as the website reports after the service Ashton ''ran to embrace her''.

Ashton and Mila sound more loved-up with each day.  Someone please pass the sick bucket!

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