Amy Adams Reveals The Truth About Muppets Snub

The Oscar nominated actress was NOT approached to star in The Muppets 2...

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Amy Adams may be an Oscar nominated actress but it seems as if, now that Kermit and the gang are back together, The Muppets feel as if they can move on without her star power in their next big movie.

The 'Man Of Steel' actress has admitted to the press that, despite starring as Mary in 'The Muppets' film this year, she has not been approached by the fuzzy stars to appear in the planned sequel to the blockbuster hit.

During an interview, in which Amy Adams hinted that she MAY reprise her role as Princess Giselle in a planned sequel to smash-hit Disney flick 'Enchanted', the Belfast Telegraph have quoted the actress as saying that she will definitely not be joining The Muppets in a second cinematic venture anytime soon.

Speaking about 'The Muppets 2', the stunning star, who has worked alongside the likes of Christian Bale, Justin Timberlake and Miss Piggy, seemed to wish Kermit and the gang nothing but the best for the future - although she was baffled as to why they'd snubbed her in the casting process:

"No I'm not [involved]. I don't know why I'm not involved - I was never approached."

"I think the story takes us beyond Mary and Gary and now the Muppets are back together. I don't know anything about the new one. I wish them great success because they're a really great group."

We imagine that the Janis Joplin biopic, which is scheduled to begin filming later this year, will help Amy Adams keep busy!

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