The 'Liz & Dick' Ratings Are In! 3.5 Million Catch Lindsay Lohan In Panned Biopic

She played Elizabeth Taylor in 'awful' movie

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3.5 million curious Americans tuned in to Lifetime last night to see what all the critics were raving about, as Lindsay Lohan's turn in 'Liz & Dick' was finally aired.

Unfortunately, the critics' raving was not a good kind. It has been universally panned by reviewers and viewers alike, but enough tuned in to make it the fourth most-watched original movie premiere on an ad-supported cable network of 2012.

The three that have outperformed it are 'Steel Magnolias', which appealed to 6.5 million in October, 'Drew Peterson: Untouchable' and 'Abducted: The Carlina White Story'.

Twitter reviews included: "Lifetime should go ahead and just change there (sic) motto to, "Your life. Your time. We're sorry." #lizanddick"

Another joked: "It's like watching the kid from The Parent Trap in a school play being stalked by a gladiator with a drinking problem. #lizanddick"

A third said: "This is like 30 Rock parody of a Tracy Jordan movie bad. #lizanddick"

Did you see it? What did you think?

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