Star Wars' Warwick Davies Defends 'Too Cute' Ewoks From Critics

Star has been quick to defend the fluffy 'Star Wars' critters...

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With 'Star Wars: Episode VII' scheduled for release sometime in 2014, not to mention the third series of Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington's An Idiot Abroad set to return to Sky 1, it makes sense that actor Warwick Davies has been approached to defend one of his most famous (and criticised!) roles ever.

Yup, we're talking about the Ewoks of George Lucas' fictional forest-moon, Endor.

It was recently revealed that Warwick Davies is set to join Karl Pilkington on the third series of An Idiot Abroad, aptly titled The Short Way Round, so he's been racking up the headline inches this week.

And now, with Disney currently busy at work on three more @Star Wars' films, it makes sense that the actor has stepped in to defend the Ewoks - one of which he played in 'Star Wars: Episode VI' as Wicket (the one that assists Princess Leia!) - from critics of the fictional species.

Speaking to The Metro, Warwick explained that, when it comes to the Ewoks, most people simply don't understand the 'Star Wars' rebels, making it hard to appreciate them:

"There are Star Wars fans who don't appreciate Ewoks for what they wer [but] We kicked arse and helped the rebels defeat the Empire. Without us, what would have happened?"

"Some people see Ewoks as an excuse to sell merchandise; they were 'too cute' and so on... That's a minority view within the Star Wars community. When I go to the events, everyone is usually happy to see me."

"Those are the sort of people who look forward to playing the Star Wars video games where you get to be a Stormtrooper and kill Ewoks. They know who they are."

Sick people, that's who.

While it's still being debated as to whether the Ewoks will return for the next few 'Star Wars' films, we will definitely be seeing Warwick Davies when he returns to Sky 1 alongside Karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais.

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