Made In Chelsea: A 1920s Prohibition Party, More Heartbreak, And Gossip With The Mums!

It was party time again for the MIC gang and it wasn't long until the drama kicked off

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Made In Chelsea: A 1920s Prohibition Party, More Heartbreak, And Gossip With The Mums!

The drama just keeps on going for the Made in Chelsea gang as tonight’s episode revealed more arguments, an on-going love triangle, and an eventful 1920s themed get together. We also had the pleasure of meeting the mums of BFF’s Binky, Cheska and Ollie!

After the dinner party bust up last week, Andy decides its time to patch things up with Jamie and put their argument over Lucy behind them. The pair meet up for a drink and just as Andy apologises for his behaviour, self-confessed player Lucy texts Jamie asking him to go for drinks. He agrees, but only as friends.

Receiving his reply, Lucy seems shocked and slightly annoyed that the tables have turned and Jamie is playing her at her own game! Returning his attention back to Andy, Jamie informs him of his plans with Lucy and Andy tries to play it cool by saying that he doesn’t mind that they go for drinks.

Hmm, that wasn’t very convincing..

Feeling slightly threatened, Andy invites Lucy out for a drink and gets straight in there by asking for a kiss. After smearing lipstick all over his face, Lucy agrees to attend his and Stevie’s 1920s Prohibition party with him.

The love triangle between Sophia, Proudlock and Francis continued tonight as the brunette beauty begins to wonder whether she has feelings for Francis when meeting the boys for a drink with pal Millie. The atmosphere suddenly got very tense when Proudlock decided to jump straight in and ask Sophia out for a date right in front of Francis.


Francis needn’t have worried too much, however, as their ‘date’, turns out to be a business meeting for Proudlock to discuss his new range of cologne’s. Despite giving each other a good sniff whilst trying out new aromas, Sophia just seemed to look uncomfortable!

Later on at the party, however, Proudlock makes his move and the pair end up kissing in full view of Francis. Obviously suffering from a broken heart, he decides to head home and leave the two of them to it. Poor Francis, will things ever go his way?

Also in tonight’s episode, Binky returns after her time away mending her broken heart. As pal Ollie fills her in on all the gossip and of Jamie’s bad luck with Lucy, they both agree that he’s finally had a ‘taste of his own medicine’.

Tonight we finally got to meet the mums of Cheska, Binky and Ollie as they all met for champagne to discuss the love lives of their children. As the conversation switches from Ollie’s new locks to Jamie breaking Binky’s heart, who walks in? Jamie, of course! After taking a seat, Binky’s mum is straight in there telling him how much he hurt her daughter and she seems less than impressed. Jamie tries to talk himself out of the situation, to no avail. On that note, he makes a swift exit and seems more than relieved to get away.

Later on at the Prohibition party, Jamie and Binky finally run into each other for the first time since their split. As Jamie apologises and confesses to a number of mistakes, Binky admits that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for the pair to be friends as too much has happened.

After pal ‘Spenny’ stirred more trouble, Jamie decides to give up on Lucy after telling everybody that Lucy has been with quite a few of the Chelsea gang. Not long after, Lucy hears of the gossip and is less than impressed. In fact, she’s furious.

Interrupting the deep chat between Binky and Jamie, Lucy vents her frustrations and tells Jamie that he has no right to spread rumours about her. The drama soon kicks off and it’s not long between the two are in a slanging match against one another...

Oh dear, things are just looking worse and worse for Jamie. Are things well and truly over between him and Lucy now?

Find out next Monday on E4 at 10pm.

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