Rihanna 'Defends Chris Brown's Twitter Outburst' At US Comedian

Star tweeted a photo showing the abuse Jenny Johnson has sent him for over a year

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Rihanna has reportedly weighed in on the Chris Brown Twitter battle with comedian Jenny Johnson and while the 'Yeah X3' star has quit Twitter, it appears his rumoured lover is sticking up for him on the site, tweeting an instagr.am picture of insulting tweets sent by the US comedian over the last year and saying "we gotta do better than this."

Chris quit Twitter over the weekend after a heated exchange with Jenny, sparked by a comment about his assault of then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. The messages became more offensive as the argument progressed, with the star eventually deleting his account.

Clearly though Riri, who spent Thanksgiving with the 'Please Don't Stop The Music' star in Europe on his 'Carpe Diem' tour, wanted to make her feelings known and according to HollywoodLife, tweeted a picture of the offensive messages sent on the site to Brown by the comedian dating back to July 2011 with the message: “How does one find the time? We gotta do better than this!!”.

Though the picture was quickly deleted users picked up on the message.

One Twitter user said: “LOL Rihanna instagrammed a compilation picture of dozens of your tweets to 'her boo'”

The picture of the tweets have now surfaced on several sites, though Rihanna has not directly addressed the argument. We have reached out to reps for Rihanna and Chris Brown for a response.

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Rihanna leaves Thanksgiving party with Chris Brown, November 22 (Photos: Splash News)