Rihanna And Chris Brown To Spend New Years Eve Together In Barbados?

RiRi is apparently taking Chris back home to see in 2013...

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The Rihanna and Chris Brown romance may still be up in the air, but it's now been revealed that the Bajan star is apparently taking Chris back to her native Barbados to see in 2013. Just good friends, really?

According to The Sun, RiRi has booked a plush five-star villa on the exclusive Gold Coast area of the island for a 'bonding holiday' and is hoping that her friends and family will be able to see that the rapper is now a 'changed man', after many were understandably left with mixed feelings about Chris after the 2009 assault on then girlfriend Rihanna.

And the 'S&M' star reportedly also wants to persuade them that, despite everything, she's 'right to take him back', so Ri has also planned for Chris' mother to fly out so each set of families can spend time together.

A source told the paper: “The more the public criticise Rihanna for getting back with Chris, the more determined she is to do whatever she wants."

Adding, “While no one else can understand it, she’s convinced that Chris is the love of her life and her soulmate and that they’re simply meant to be together."

Rihanna spotted partying with Chris Brown in Berlin (Photo: Splash News)

“She’s booked him and his mum into a five-star villa in Barbados over New Year so they can all get some downtime with her family."

“But they’re unrepentant and they want to show the whole world that they’ve moved on from what happened in 2009.”

And despite still refusing to go public with their relationship, insisting that they're 'just good friends', Rihanna posted a topless photo of Chris after attending tour dates with the star on his 'Carpe Diem' tour.

The photo, posted on Rihanna's profile with the caption 'Dis ni**a....... #BartObsessed', shows Chris with his jeans half way down his bottom, underwear fully on display. Saucy stuff!

Although his face can't be seen, the tattoos and jackets on display definitely reveal Chris' identity.

You can't hide anything from us, Ri!

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