Matthew McConaughey: ‘I’m Not Being Starved!’

Actor has lost 40lbs for ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’…

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Matthew McConaughey’s shrinking frame has certainly raised a few eyebrows since embarking on a weight loss regime for his new movie ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’.

The 42-year-old, who is expecting his third child with his wife Camila, is renowned for his impressive body and that’s led to hot campaigns with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, but he’s a shadow of his former self these days.

But even though he has been talking about his dreams of chomping on a huge burger after his new film wraps, but now he’s defended the weight loss and insists that he’s not been starving for the role.

Matthew McConaughey pictured at the airport looking very thin (Splash News)

Matthew, who looks gaunt and frail after reaching 143lbs, has told the Daily Beast: “I feel fine. I really do. I got the means to lose the weight in a really healthy way.”

He then added: “I’m eating fresh fish. I’m just eating small amounts. I’m not being starved… I’m taking care of myself.”

The actor is currently filming in New Orleans, and over the past few months has been pictured dropping the weight thick and fast.

“I’ve been checked,” he said. “My levels are fine. I’m as healthy as can be. The real health challenge is when you put (the weight) back on.”

Matthew then added: “You can’t just start eating cheeseburgers and ice cream. Your body will go into shock, and it just won’t work.”

In his new role, Matthew plays Ron Woodruff, who was forced to smuggle life-saving medicine into the US, despite being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

“It's really been enlightening to understand my anatomy,” Matthew continued. “I'm playing a guy who was sick and would have loved to have been healthier but wasn't.”

Matthew at a healthier weight with wife Camila (Wenn)

Meanwhile, his co-star Jared Leto, has also undergone a dramatic transformation for the role, embarking on a brutal weight loss regime to play a transsexual woman in the new movie.

Of fasting for the role, the 40-year-old told Vulture: ''I'm playing a transsexual woman. I didn't get involved in the project until three and a half weeks ago. Your body goes through weird stages (when fasting).

Jared Leto on set with Jennifer Garner (Splash News)

“Sometimes it's hard to hold on to water. But for me, it's not about the most weight I can lose, it's more to represent the character. I'm focused on what it means to be a transsexual woman.

''Historically, people have done it for pursuit of self, to achieve a meditative state, so I'm hoping for that, and not the other things. It's not necessarily a bad thing.''

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