'They're Toxic Together': Fans React To Rihanna And Chris Brown's Kissing Photo

Reconciled couple cause a storm with newest decleration of love

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Rihanna and Chris Brown appeared to confirm the on-going claims that they're back together with a picture of the pair locked in an embrace, with the 'Diamonds' singer kissing her former beau on the head.

The 24-year-old referred to Brown as her “baby” and tagged the picture, posted on instag.ram with the message: "@f***yopictures i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"

The picture instantly set off a debate on Twitter as to whether the couple should get back together, a subject that has continued to divide fans since rumours of their reconciliation began earlier this year.

Rihanna and Chris Brown together, good or bad? (Slash News)

Some were disgusted by the flaunting of the romance, unhappy the singer is back with her boyf following his 2009 assault on the star.

One fan wrote on Twitter "@itsrivaxo Awwww! They're so cute I love them.”

While another said: "@ChristenNDG I cant believe I am actually seeing tweets that say "I want a Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship" #AreYouCrazy."

Some appeared sympathetic with the couple: @MsNaTasty Lovely pic but they r TOXIC 2gether. Sorry to sa."

It appears the phrase “I want Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship” began to trend, with fans either agreeing or disagreeing.

EntertainmentWise questioned fans ourselves over the reconciled romance when Riri was recently in the country with, as it seems on Twitter, the fans were divided.

Echoing the duet, one fan told us: “I think it really is 'nobodies business'. She's Rihanna she can do what she wants.”

While another claimed Chris deserved a second chance: “If Rihanna can forgive him then why should we care?”

“Everyone makes mistakes, he deserves a second chance.”

But one admitted she'd be “disappointed” if they did: “I don't think it gives out a good message, but at the end of the day I don't think Rihanna's the kind of person to care what people think.”

They added: “I would be disappointed, but only because i'd be worried for her,” “and the message she's giving out about domestic violence.”

RiRi spent Thanksgiving with Chris while he continued his 'Carpe Diem' tour in Europe and according to sources was happy to let him take the lead.

An insider said: "Rihanna made it all about him and took a back seat, so he could do his thing and let the fans interact with him. She knows he's on tour and the club was packed for him, so she was cool with it."

Do you think that Rihanna and Chris Brown should get back together?

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together, what do you think?

These two were made for each other!

Rihanna is setting a terrible example, Chris doesn't deserve a second chance

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I just don't care