E.L. James Teases New Fifty Shades Book As She Hits Back At Film Casting Rumours

Author is considering a new novel from Christian Grey's point of view...

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Fans can't get enough of Fifty Shades of Grey so the news that author E.L. James is considering a new book to add to the raunchy trilogy will no doubt be greeted with mild hysteria.

The author added to her accolades this week as she was named "Publishing Person of the Year" by Publisher's Weekly yesterday (November 3). The Brit writer also sat down with The Hollywood Reporter which named her on their "25 Most Powerful Author's" list, for a rare interview this week.

James left fans hanging as she admitted she knew her fans were desperate for another chapter in the Christian Grey and Ana Steele love story. After pointing out that a trilogy equals just three books, the author did cave in to the questions, saying she was considering a spin-off book:

"I have to really think about Christian's point of view. So it's about what to do next."

The author did go on to admit that she realises a lot of what she says gets taken out of context:

"What I've learned during this whole process was, I have to be careful what I say. It can be taken the wrong way and out of context."

The author also spoke about the forthcoming film version of her hit books, revealing the key qualities she thinks the actor who will eventually play Mr Grey should have:

"I think emotional intelligence, a sense of humor -- those kinds of things. I feel like we haven't got that far yet in the process. We're still at the script stage, so we're a long way off."

So that puts to rest all the casting rumours then! 

James also gave praise to producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti who will helm the project, saying: "Michael is so passionate about the film and he really got it. He really got the book. He understood it was a love story, fundamentally."

"He said it this is about first love, and it's her first love and his first love, and I haven't thought about it like that. It's blinding stuff. He just got right underneath it. He was impressive."

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