Alex Reid Claims Ex-Wife Katie Price 'Had More Fun In The Bedroom' When He Was Dressed As Roxanne

Cage fighter alleges that she forced him to reveal his cross-dressing

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She recently opened up about her sex life with Alex Reid, but perhaps Katie Price didn't let on how she really felt.

According to the 37-year-old cage fighter, his ex-wife preferred getting into bed with him when he was dressed up as a woman.

"Katie said she had more fun in the bedroom with me as Roxanne than she did as Alex," the father-of-one recently told Now magazine.

"That's the whole point - it was a bit of fun and she now publicly admits that she loved it."

Alex, who recently split from Chantelle Houghton, also alleges that it was Katie who wanted to make his cross-dressing public knowledge when asked if she wanted people to know about it.

"Yes. I never brought any of this to public attention," he said. "I was cajoled and manipulated by Katie into bringing out my cross-dressing in the beginning and I didn't really feel comfortable with it because that was private fun."

Another one of Katie's exes has also spoken about her antics in the bedroom recently.

Former boyfriend of Katie's, Leandro Penna, claims that the former glamour model would 'rather Google herself' than get into bed with him.

"I gave her the best orgasms in her life,' the Argentine model allegedly told Now magazine. "The first time we ever had sex, she told me it was the best sex she ever had.

"But shen would rather spend all day Googling her name and looking at pictures of herself on websites."

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