Kat Von D Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

The LA Ink star will have a court hearing later in December

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Kat Von D Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker
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Kat Von D has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man she claims has been stalking her.

The LA Ink star says the man has been stalking her in person and via Twitter.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by E! News, she claims that Michael Nunn started trying to contact her online in April, showed up at her business and then, called her home phone from the street outside her house.

A police report filed that day notes that authorities searched for suspects when they arrived but found no evidence of suspicious activity.

He also sent a box of candy to her house in May and apparently when she told him to stop trying to reach her, he tweeted out her phone number.

Paperwork from the star - whose real name is Katherine Drachenberg - also alleges that he has "delusional and paranoid tendencies, including a belief the FBI is watching him and that certain celebrities want to harm him."

Some of his posts on the micro-blogging website address celebrities, including Katy Perry, Adriana Lima, Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson, Hugh Hefner, Shanna Moakler, Hayley Williams from Paramore, Nikki Sixx and author Paulo Coelho.

The request for a restraining order states: "Suspect says in his communications that he believes [Kat] and others send him coded messages."

Her petition includes screengrabs of his tweets, including one that reads, "@thekatvond cute how you use your friends :) I figure eventually the game will just end and then we can meet like normal adults."

A hearing for the star – who shot to fame after Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, Jesse James, cheated on his wife with her - is scheduled for December 21 when she could make the restraining order permanent.

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