Kim Kardashian Beats Kate Middleton To 'Most Searched Celebrity' On Yahoo!

The public are wrapped up in her notoriety

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Kim Kardashian Beats Kate Middleton To 'Most Searched Celebrity' On Yahoo!
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She may have faced scrutiny in Bahrain on a recent trip to the Middle East for her ''bad reputation'' along with her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries, which caused a public ruckus, but Kim Kardashian is still the Most Searched person of 2012, according to Yahoo!

The search engine giant released its annual list of top searches for the year, and when it came to subjects – it was the ''election'' that was number one, followed by the ''iPhone'' at number two.

But the top searched celebrity was Kim Kardashian, beating the Duchess of Cambridge by one place, but now Kate has announced she is pregnant, we're thinking Kim's luck might change.

The socialite and reality TV star has sustained her place on the top due to her dramatic life of divorce, followed by hooking up with the world's biggest rapper Kanye West, with Yahoo! web trend analyst saying: ''notoriety has kept her at the top.''

"The 2012 elections dominated the online searches, which is amazing because if something is in the news, it's already accessible... people were really saturated by it, but even so, that was a key word that people typed throughout the year," added Chan.

Other famous females to reach the top 10 on the list bar Kate Middleton, who was entangled in a topless scandal, was Whitney Houston, whose death in early 2012 spawned a number of tributes, and finally Lindsay Lohan, who is facing multiple legal woes.

List of Yahoo!'s overall searches:
iPhone 5
Kim Kardashian
Kate Upton
Kate Middleton
Whitney Houston
Political polls
Lindsay Lohan
Jennifer Lopez

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William meet representatives from Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust (WRCT) at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Nov 24 (WENN)