Tulisa's Album Sells Just 7,000 Copies Despite Recent X Factor Performance

The singer is unlikely to make it into the top20...

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Despite her recent guest performer spot on the X Factor, Tulisa still failed to hit the top spot with her debut solo album The Female Boss, which limped into the charts at a rather embarrassing No17.

According to The Sun, it's even suggested that by Sunday when the full countdown is released, it may even fail to make the Top 20 after selling a measly 7,000 copies in its first two days.

This week has seen new releases from the likes of Neil Diamond, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and Alfie Boe who are all currently above the X Factor judge in the charts. Awks!

But, it seems like all is not lost in the life of Tulisa, as she's recently admitted that she's 'serious' about her relationship with new boyfriend Danny Simpson.

The ‘Young’ singer claims that having a relationship with someone wouldn’t be worth the hassle if it wasn’t going to be serious, especially being in the public eye.

“If I get into something with someone, I’ve got to be pretty clear from the start that this is serious, otherwise it’s just not worth it,” she told the Metro.

Adding, “It’s a lot of pressure on them and me.”

Tulisa says that life in the public eye can be tough...

"It can be suffocating. They don't let you have a personal life because they make assumptions about it from the second they find out anything about it,” she said.

"It's like they are living a made-up story or their version of your personal life before you actually get to live it. There's your personal life and the personal life they made up for you."

Tulisa also spoke about her new Hertfordshire home, which cost a reported £6 million, with the star previously admitting that she can’t wait to settle down.

"I've got the house,” she said. “I've moved there now. Halfway there to living the dream."

What do we think? Are Tulisa and Danny the real deal?

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