Khloe Kardashian Odom Reveals Her Top X Factor USA Beauty Tips

The star unveils her top beauty tip

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Khloe Kardashian has blossomed ever since nabbing a presenting spot on the X Factor USA with her style credentials and flawless make-up, so when she revealed her key beauty secret, we wanted to know more.

But the 28-year-old reality star has quite the bizarre number one beauty tip which seems a little too weird and gratuitous to us, and presumably to people with normal scalps...

Khloe claims that her top beauty tip is to ''darken her scalp with an eye shadow colour'' due to her thinning hair.

Khloe Kardashian fills in her scalp with eyeshadow to conceal her thin hair - Splash

The US X Factor host also explained how she convincingly masks her pale complexion by using bronzers before hitting the stage to present the famous talent show.

In the midst of promoting her new range of products with her sisters Kourtney and Kim from their Khroma beauty range, she talked about the line offering everyone something no matter what their cosmetic preferences are.

"If I bronze my face, I always take an eye shadow colour [that matches my hair] and darken my scalp so it doesn't show how pale you really are," Khloe told People.

"[Khroma] has the blessing of having three different designers as sisters, who like three different things and who also have three different skin complexions,'' she said.

Khloe is currently promoting her Khroma beauty range with Kourtney and Kim - Splash

The new range offers a full line of products including mascara, foundation, eyeshadow, liners, lipsticks, gloss, highlighter and false lashes, all at affordable prices.

And if you think the busy sisters didn't have time to influence their make-up range, Khloe insists that this project was one they all had close involvement with.

"My sisters and I love to play with make-up - the more the better. It's fun, but the more we are out [we find] that people are afraid to try new things,'' she said.

Khloe continued: ''So when you have make-up that's great quality, but also at a great price point, it might be easier for them to want to take those risks.''

Khloe likes to avoid heavy make-up and foundation when she's out and about - Splash

"My sisters and I have been asked numerous times to do a make-up line, but we don't just want to slap our names on something,'' she added.

''It has to be something we're 100 percent hands on with; we're not just like, 'We want a blush - make it pink'."

And surprisingly, Khloe, who comes from a make-up loving family including Kim who layers up the foundation, reckons she's not into the heavy look herself.

"I'll spot treat if I have a breakout, but I'm not a big all-over foundation person - I'll do mascara, lips and eyeliner. [For a big night out] I always have powder and blotting papers. I'm Armenian - I'm always oily!"

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