Poll: Who Do You Want To Win The X Factor 2012?

We recap the rags to riches tales of the X Factor finalists...

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Poll: Who Do You Want To Win The X Factor 2012?
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It's nearly here! This Sunday the winner of X Factor 2012 will be revealed! But will it be indie rocker James Arthur, Liverpool crooner Christopher Maloney or soulful sweetheart Jahmene Jackson? (Warning the following article contains a lot of drama and is best read in the voice of the X Factor voice-over man!)

Each of the boys has been on an X Factor rollercoaster ride, rising like a pheonix from the flames. In true rags to riches style, here are the stories of the X Factor Cinders...

In his lowest moments James Arthur was homeless and battling depression. His early life was spent in and out of foster care and just last year the singer became dependent on alcohol to get him through the day. But since applying for the X Factor the 24-year-old's life has changed dramatically. He told Look magazine: "The X Factor saved me. It's helped me beat my demons, and I know I'll never let that happen again."

James has wowed audiences and judges alike with his moving performances and stripped back re-styles of hit songs. His ability to play the guitar and write his own songs has given him credibility in the reality show. His performance of power ballad 'The Power of Love' was heralded by judge Gary Barlow as the "performance of the series". But is James Arthur your singer of the series?

Maybe Liverpudlian Christopher Maloney has got your vote instead. The former cruise ship singer has been plagued by criticism, from judges and the public alike, and even received death threats as he got through each round. Christopher's cheesy and outdated hits such as 'Fernando' and 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' have made him popular with the silver-haired generation.

Whether you love him or loather him the 34-year-old certainly has always had the backing of his loyal fans. Starting out as the wild card and voted in by the public, Chris has continued to receive the full support of his fans and has never been in the bottom two. But is he your X Factor top dog?

Perhaps soulful singer Jahmene Douglas makes you swoon with his gospel-inspired tunes and depth of emotion. The 22-year-old's private life and difficult childhood has been covered in much detail by the press. The son of an alcoholic father and broken home Jahmene has had to deal with a lot of heartache in his short lifetime.

Most significantly his brother Daniel committed suicide. On Saturday night Jahmene sang emotional tribute 'I Look To You' dedicated to his late brother, which brought a tear to the eye of everyone on the judging panel and, judging by Twitter, everyone watching at home too. Surely Jahmene is destined for more than stacking the shelves at ASDA?

But what do you think?

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